Quick Update

Quick Update #2: Fun Day

Just a quick update to say how fun this day was (technically yesterday)  😛

Saw the lolas for Grace’s post-birthday dinner. We had buffet and laughed so much. It had been a while since I cried from laughing. So grateful for these girls. We haven’t met each other for a month and had very few chances to talk (because life happened!), so I guess we really missed each other.

Happy Birthdaaaaay, Grace!! 🎉

Say hi to Python! Ain’t it obvious how much I’m into Monty Python these days?? 

Aaaaand guess who got herself a new camera?! IT ME!! Got a second-hand one but it works like spanking new! Specifically got the G7X because I’ll be using this primarily for making travel and food videos. 🙂

I’m broke now. Haha! But I’m glad to say that I’m happy.

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