Learn to make chocolates! #ACHIEVEMENTUNLOCKED

I love learning new things (and I love chocolates!) and being able to join a Chocolate 101 class in Sinfully Circles, Shangri-La Makati was one of the most fun experience I had this year. 🙂
Talk about stoked! 
SHARKMAINE FACT: I get migraines from chocolates but that doesn’t stop me from eating one.
We were taken to the basement wherein the chocolate class was held and voila ~ what surprised us was a chocolate buffet table! Sweet!
Sinfully Circles’ Executive Pastry Chef Romain Renaud – this guy know his chocolates! He’s truly passionate about it and he’s a fun teacher!
We started off with our first chocolate treat – HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE MILKY JAM!
Chocolate-making requires a lot of patience but it will be all worth it in the end. Trust me! There were a lot of information to intake but it wasn’t overwhelming as well. It just made me more excited to start making my own chocolate treats. Now, where to find an oven~
I’m all about that (chocolate) paste. No kiddin’
Next up was the CHOCOLATE COOKIES AND FLEUR DE SEL. I could say that this was my favorite (aside from the Nutella treat we made) 😉
Sweet and salty, who would’ve thought that they are perfect for each other. ♥ And you know what, champagne makes it a whole lot better. 
We also whipped up some LIGHT CHOCOLATE MOUSSE and HOMEMADE NUTELLA, both of which are heavenly. Also, the Nutella we made was better tasting that the ones in the market. 😉
Chocolate tempering – more patience necessary.
And believe it or not, we made our own version of the well-known chocolate treat, Ferrero Rocher.
Popping the hazelnut into the truffle shells
Filling it in with chocolate!
Rolling the shells in crushed hazelnuts
Letting it dry before covering it again in tempered chocolate *drools*
Our last creation for that afternoon were CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOWS. I’ve been dying to make these again, probably next year! 🙂
 Marshmallow blocks rolled in cacao with gold powder
Yep! Gold! Look at my golden-laced gloves!
Packing them up and ready to be taken home!
The Chocolate 101 Class with Chef Romain
The Chocolate 101 class felt like an item ticked off my bucket list! Thank you so much, chef Romain for the wonderful time! Me and my sister (@catsmille) enjoyed so much that we kept on gushing about the chocolate treats we bought home with us. 😀 If you’re interested to join one of Makati Shangri-la’s awesome workshops, follow their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MakatiShangrilaThey offer various workshops all-year round so watch out for their announcements! 
Learn something new today! 🙂
What workshops do you want to attend?

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    Space Bags
    January 27, 2015 at 5:41 am

    Chocolates are all time favorite desserts and knowing how to make this sumptuous food is heaven.

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